tree logical service layers in SOA

Here I describe the tree logical service layers in which services can be categorized.

The tree logical service layers

  1. (orchestrated) task service layer (business process service): A task service is directly associated with a specific business task/process. It is less reusable and has the function of a controller of a service composition to compose more process agnostic services.
  2. entity service layer: An entity service is a business-centric service, that has a boundary (contract) and a context (capabilities), which are based on one or more business entities. It is highly reusable, because it is agnostic to most business processes.
  3. utility service layer (application service, technology service, infrastructure service): In contrast to the previously mentioned service layers, utility services don’t have a focus on representing business logic. It is a more technology centric layer and provides reusable, cross-cutting agnostic utility functionality.

    e.g.: event logging, notification and exception handling

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