service-orientation in SOA

Here I give the definition of service-orientation in SOA.

What is service-orientation?

Service-Orientation is a design paradigm intended for the creation of services, that are individually shaped so that they can collectively and repeatedly utilized for the realization of specific strategic goals and benefits, associated with SOA and service-oriented computing. Service-orientation results through the application of eight design principles in the creation of specific design characteristics. Solution logic designed in accordance with service-orientation is “service-oriented”. Units of service-oriented solution logic are called services (independent program in a distributed system). Service-Orientation establishes an IT environment, that is capable to accommodate change.

The application of service-orientation influences all 4 types of service-oriented architecture (from inside to outside):

  1. Service Architecture
  2. Service Composition Architecture
  3. Service Inventory Architecture
  4. Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture

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