Services in SOA

Here I give the definition of a service in SOA.

What is the service SOA type?

A service is the most fundamental unit of service-oriented logic, a basic building block of the service oriented computing platform. Because of the enterprise-centric characteristic a service is an enterprise resource. A service is a physical independent software program with distinct design characteristics (achieve strategic goals). A service has a functional context and a set of capabilities, which are exposed by a service contract.

A unit of solution logic is called a service, if service-orientation has been applied to a meaningful extent. Service oriented solution logic is compromised of many services that form a service composition. Services are designed in a specific manner and delivered via a specific lifecycle.

Design issues:

  1. granularity (service, capability, data and constraint granularity)
  2. contract design
  3. agnostic vs. non-agnostic
  4. legacy encapsulation
  5. security
  6. governance

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