Intrinsic Interoperability goal in SOA

Here I explain, what intrinsic interoperability means and why it is so important in an service oriented architecture.

What is the Increased Intrinsic Interoperability goal?

Interoperability means, that programs can interact and exchange data. Integration means “achieve interoperability between programs”. Integration is needed, when programs are not compatible and therefore are not interoperable. Native or intrinsic interoperability means, that services are compatible and interoperable, regardless of when and whom they are delivered (inherent flexibility is achieved). This is achieved through the application of design principles and standards. So there is soon no need for integration any more, if this becomes norm. The concept of integration begins to fade with the spreading of SOA.

required design characteristics:

  • contract standardization,
  • scalability,
  • behavioral predictability
  • reliability

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